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In 2010, the Center for Economic Progress (CEP) celebrated 20 years of creating working solutions for
working families in Illinois.

Like all anniversaries, it was an opportunity to look back—and ahead. We have grown since 1990 but
more importantly, we have evolved.

That flexibility has been key. It’s enabled CEP to become one of the nation’s largest and most established
organizations of its kind.

Even more telling are the individual stories of those whose lives have been transformed before our eyes.
CEP’s work is done on a very personal level. We see firsthand what’s possible when hardworking people
have access to services, tools and information designed to move them toward greater financial security.

CEP has taken root; now we are positioned to thrive—to help greater numbers of low-income families
across our state by:

  • Increasing collaboration with local organizations and stakeholders who
    want to build stronger communities.
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on what we do best:
    providing free tax and financial services.
  • Generating greater public awareness of the need to fight poverty
    regionally—beyond just urban areas.

How does progress bloom? Through steady commitment to long-term goals, yet adapting as the tax and
economic landscape shifts. Most of all, we need the bright light provided by our volunteers, partners, and
supporters. Thank you for your dedication, expertise, generosity and hard work toward advancing our
vision for an America of shared prosperity.


David Marzahl, President