CEP helped launch the National Tax Coalition

CEP’s Board of Directors and the NCTC Steering Committee voted to approve the establishment of NCTC as a formal Limited Liability Company (LLC), which means NCTC now is recognized as a distinct entity for legal purposes and is governed by its own Board of Managers. However, through an operating agreement, CEP and NCTC continue to share supporting services, facilities, technology and supplies.

The move was an important step toward clearer strategic direction for both CEP and NCTC. Each has a distinct brand and purpose that demands different board expertise and skills. CEP, with a local board, primarily provides direct services here in Chicago and Illinois, while NCTC, with a national board, is a national membership organization.

Now more independent, NCTC is forging ahead to help members operate and serve more effectively in the face of new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, the field demands innovation: more sustainable program and revenue models; strategies for increased advocacy; and capacity to provide asset building and other, more comprehensive services. At the same time, solutions that surpass the status quo— in impact and cost—must remain compelling to government funders, which tend to favor more traditional approaches.

See NCTC’s State of the Field report.