It’s true that with social media, changes in the economy and other factors, new nonprofits have sprouted. But few can show in simple terms their value—in terms of the real difference they make.

CEP’s impact is clear: for every dollar received as a donation, we’re able to return $33 back to Illinois communities—from the Loop, to the South Side, to Joliet, Aurora and beyond. Plain and simple. In 2011, $56 million went into the pockets of the 28,000-plus families we served through free tax preparation and financial services. In turn, those families were made stronger, which is good for all of us—our neighborhoods and communities and our local economy.

At the same time, we’re positioned to grow responsibly.
By capitalizing on our strengths and existing resources, we’re expanding our financial services programs to further increase our ability to fulfill our mission. And, as home to the National Community Tax Coalition, we have a front-row seat to learn best practices from the free tax preparation field.

Finally, CEP relies on 30,000 volunteer hours each year to carry out our work. We have a solid track record of launching a large-scale, annual volunteer recruitment and training program. Corporate partners, community residents and clients-turned- volunteers form our backbone, contributing to a vibrant spirit of cooperation that lifts everyone who comes in contact with our organization.