Nearly 400,000 families have been helped by CEP since 1990.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The Center for Economic Progress envisions an America of shared prosperity, where all working families can access the financial opportunities they need to succeed.

Our Mission

The Center for Economic Progress (CEP) helps low-income, working families as a trusted provider of tax and financial services. Everything we do, from direct service to informing public policy, improves the financial stability of those we serve. 

Our Values


We are passionate about our mission. It fuels and drives our work every day and in every way. We are committed to having measurable impact on people’s lives. We seek to address root causes, and we realize that this requires us to address issues at multiple levels by providing services of the highest caliber.


The true measure of our success is whether individual lives—and communities—change for the better as a result of our work. We recognize that the way we do things is extremely important in determining what we achieve.


We respect and value diversity in our employees, board members, volunteers and our clients.  We treat all people equally and with dignity.


Our thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. We do what we say, and we say what we mean. We always do the right thing—that which is ethically correct—even when no one is looking.


We recognize employees and volunteers as our best assets, and we strive to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We work to create a positive environment where we express our appreciation for, and recognition of others.