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Got A Letter From the IRS?

Don’t panic!  We know that having a dispute or problem with the IRS can be expensive and confusing if you don’t have the right help.  Our Tax Clinic can assist you with resolving your IRS issues. Here are 10 things to know about IRS notices and letters. What are your rights as a taxpayer? Read the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Who We Help

At the Tax Clinic, we provide free legal assistance in resolving your tax issue if you meet certain income limitations.

You can qualify for a Tax Clinic representation if your current family income is less than the following thresholds:

Family SizeIncome No More Than

Add $10,400 for each additional family member over 8

Get Started!

Contact the Tax Clinic at (312) 252-0280, Option 3 or by email.  Someone will speak with you to see if you qualify for our services, and connect you to a tax representative who can begin working on your case.  Have your IRS letter ready when you call.

Common Tax Issues:

Audits:  If the IRS doesn’t believe you should receive part or all of your tax refund, you may be audited.  You are then required to prove if you qualify for the deductions and credits claimed on your tax return.  We can help you understand the documents needed to provide as proof and can represent you during an audit.

Past Due Tax Returns:  Are you required to file a tax return?  You may have received a letter from the IRS asking you to file your tax return.  We can help you file your past due Federal and Illinois state income tax returns.  

If you don’t know if you are required to file a return, learn more: Have You Filed Your Tax Returns? (Spanish, Chinese, Polish)

Collections:  If the IRS believes you owe money, it can garnish wages or Social Security payments, take money out your bank account or file a lien—actions that make it difficult to maintain good credit.  If you don’t believe you owe IRS money, CEP can investigate and make a claim on your behalf.   If you do owe money to the IRS, we can help stop collection action by reducing the amount owed or making affordable payment arrangements.  

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor Disputes: Some employers treat their workers as independent contractors instead of employees as a way to illegally save the employer money on taxes and other federal payments.  At tax time, the affected workers often find themselves paying more taxes than expected.  If we determine that a worker is not an independent contractor but actually an employee, we can ask the IRS to recognize this and reduce the tax owed.  

Learn more: Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor? (Spanish, Chinese, Polish)

Innocent Spouse:  When spouses file a joint return showing tax due, it results in a joint debt, even if only one spouse had income.  A joint debt can also occur when one spouse fails to report all of his or her income on the tax return and the IRS discovers this during an audit.  Since the IRS can collect a joint debt from either spouse, often the spouse who did not cause the debt ends up paying.  We can file a claim asking the IRS not to hold the “innocent spouse” responsible for the debt.  

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Cancelled Debt:  Lost your home to foreclosure? Had your car repossessed?  Did a credit card company cancel your loans and forgive some or all of your debt?  Did you know that debt forgiveness may result in taxable income?  We can help you determine whether or not you may exclude your forgiven debt from income, and help you complete Form 982.

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Tax Implications of Marriage Equality:  On June 1, 2014, the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act granted all couples the freedom to marry in Illinois. Learn about some of the common income tax questions and choices that come with marriage equality.

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