Claiming American Opportunity Credit (AOC)


Instructions for American Opportunity Credit Spreadsheet

The Education Spreadsheet is available for download as an Excel file at the following link. Please download the spreadsheet and try to open it on your computer. 

Education Spreadsheet 2017

If your computer cannot open the file, you can use one of the links below to open the spreadsheet with Google Sheets. If you have a Gmail account, please go to one of the links below, make a copy of the spreadsheet, and save it to your Google Drive so that you have your own version to work on.

If you do not have a Gmail account, you can use one of the copies below directly. If you're using one of the copies below, please note that only one person can use each link at a time. You can see if someone else is using it by the presence of a colored icon with their initial in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and numbers in the input fields of the sheet. If someone is using the sheet, try a different copy or wait until they are done. When you are done using the sheet, remove your numbers and restore the sheet to its original state. Any changes that you make will be saved automatically and visible to the next person, so always remove your work before closing the sheet.

Education Spreadsheet 2017 Copy 1

Education Spreadsheet 2017 Copy 2

Education Spreadsheet 2017 Copy 3



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