Quality Results Through February 21 to Help Identify any Potential Issues at Your Sites

The IRS SPEC office regularly reviews the quality of VITA and TCE tax sites. They do this through reviewing tax returns and by in-person visits. Here is the first report on overall quality results to date to help identify any potential issues at your sites. This is national data and not directly describing any CEP tax sites. You can review the summary of the results and consider how these might relate to your sites. Here are the official numbers from the report.

Don Dill, Senior Tax Analyst, provided some clarification of the results that may be helpful to you, too, as you review them.

  • The intake issue is not that volunteers are not using the 13614-C but rather are not having the taxpayers answer all of the questions or not noting responses received during the interview.

  • The civil rights issue is about displaying the poster - not about any discrimination claims

  • Don is not sure of the specific cases on the security issues but his guess is a lack of name tags.

  • As to the number of incorrect items per return - a return is one error is counted equally to a return with several errors. Anecdotally, Don has mostly seen returns with only one error.


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