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Addressing America's College Access Crisis

As families struggle in this uncertain economic environment to help their children realize their college dreams, low-income and first generation students and their parents may be in need of particular guidance and support. The Center for Economic Progress announced a $250,000 grant from the Citi Foundation to focus on addressing America’s college access crisis for low-income and first generation students. 

"With Citi Foundation as an invaluable partner, we will help families navigate one of the most crucial steps for low-income students on the road to college– understanding the financial aid application process. We will link the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASA) to the tax preparation process. We will help build a bridge to college and take aim at a major barrier to success for low-income and first generation students," said David Marzahl, Executive Director of the Center for Economic Progress.

“As families with high school students cope with the college application process, low-income and first generation students and their parents may be especially discouraged or worried,” said Lewis B. Kaden, Citi Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Citi Foundation. “Given that a postsecondary degree is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, it is imperative that low-income and first generation students are equipped with the necessary information, academic preparation and support to overcome hurdles so they can succeed in college.”    

The Center received one of six grants under the Building Bridges to College and Career initiative, which totals more than $10 million. Grant recipients represent some of the most respected organizations in education reform and are at the forefront of the college access issue.