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Center for Economic Progress Featured on Plum TV

The Center for Economic Progress has recently been featured on lifestyle cable network Plum TV as a part of an initiative sponsored by Bank of America to highlight the remarkable efforts of four organizations that are making a big impact in the communities they serve. 
“Economic conditions during the past 18 months necessitate a more innovative response to supporting our communities and helping our future leaders succeed,” said Andrew D. Plepler, Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Policy Executive. “Working with Plum TV, we have profiled some of the most innovative community leaders working in neighborhoods across the United States. We hope these stories inspire others to follow their passions and do their part to help rebuild the American economy.”
Jackie Lynn Coleman, Senior Director of National Programs at the Center, is featured in a short video vignette focused on economic development and volunteerism. In this video, Jackie Lynn describes the Center’s efforts to help families move from economic uncertainty to economic security and the ways that Bank of America's support helps to create such a powerful impact.
“We see individuals coming in the door with hopes and dreams; walking out the door with a stepping stone to actually reach their dreams,” said Coleman in the video.

Bank of America serves as a partner to the Center for Economic Progress and the National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC) by providing not only financial support, but also volunteer support and expertise to help the organization reach even more hard-working, low-income families.