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CEP Associate Board

For young professionals looking to give back to their community.

Read the Associate Board position description and the list of current Associate Board members.

Interested in joining?  The Associate Board accepts applications for new members from April through June each year.  Sign up here to stay in touch with CEP and receive notification when the application opens.


CEP Board Chair Dan Nielsen welcomes the new Associate Board.



How do I join the Associate Board?

CEP welcomes those interested in joining the Associate Board to fill out the application in today and e-mail it along with your resume to Nina Limbeck at

CEP Associate Board application

CEP Associate Board position description

What are the benefits of joining the Associate Board?

CEP envisions an America of shared prosperity, where all working families can access the financial opportunities they need to succeed.  By joining the Associate Board, you will:

  • Be a member of a volunteer-driven and action-based team that supports an organization doing important work in local communities
  • Play an active role in building awareness of CEP's mission among colleagues and peers and encourage them to become engaged in their community and give back
  • Have the opportunity to meet other young professionals and build your network
  • Engage in resume-building, high-level volunteer opportunities by developing your leadership skills and opening the door to potentially join CEP's Board of Directors in the future

Do I have to attend any meetings?

Yes.  You must attend a minimum of four of the Board's six annual meetings.

What are the membership requirements?

We are searching for active and engaged Associate Board members.  To maintain membership status, we ask that you:

  • Commit to a two-year term
  • Attend a minimum of four of the Board's six annual meetings
  • Attend a minimum of three events (fundraisers, volunteer socials, etc.)
  • Volunteer a minimum of 30 hours for a CEP program or at CEP main office
  • Fulfill various fundraising requirements (see below)

As an Associate Board member, do I need to donate any money?

To ensure active participation, members earn points for financial contributions and volunteer service.  We ask that a contribution of $250 be made in order to remain as an Associate Board member.  You can, however, combine a cash donation of $100 with your fundraising and volunteer efforts by earning these points:


Sample Opportunities to Earn Points



Additional cash contribution of $50


Plan a Board Social or Fundraising Event


Serve in a leadership role


Secure $100 event sponsorship


Represent CEP at a public fair or presentation


Sell a ticket to a CEP fundraiser



*Opportunity may be repeated