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CEP President Speaks Before Senate Finance Committee

On July 14, David Marzahl, the Center’s president, testified during a hearing of the United States Senate Committee on Finance. The hearing was called to discuss the future of individual tax rates and the effects on economic growth and distribution.

In his testimony, Marzahl urged the committee to consider a permanent expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)  for married couples and families with three or more children and increased support through the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for parents working to raise their children. The EITC and the CTC are two of the most valuable tax credits for hard-working, low-income families.

In addition to the permanent expansion of these vital tax credits, Marzahl also encouraged the Committee to work toward a tax system that works for all taxpayers by simplifying the tax code and making timely decisions in regards to tax law. If timely decisions are not made, working families will not have access to the tools they need to move toward financial security.

To learn more, watch a full recording of the hearing or read David Marzahl’s testimony. To help promote the permanent expansion of the EITC and the CTC, take action today