CEP has helped 370,000 hard-working, low-income families since 1990.

Project Money

What do you get when you combine the following ingredients; one to one financial coaching, financial education workshops, and a community of like-minded people?

You get a LIFE changing program!

"Project Money is a great program that has enabled me to learn about money and finances in an easy and fun way. Project Money also paired me with a knowledgeable financial coach who helped me understand and gain control of my personal finances by giving me important tools to succeed in the future"
- Daniela Munoz

Project Money is a no cost financial empowerment program open to residents of the greater Chicago region. This membership style program can be completed in three to six months and encourages its members to develop a positive and healthy relationship to their money. Members enjoy personalized sessions with a trained financial coach, financial education workshops, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Join Project Money to:

  • Set and achieve your financial goals
  • Create a realistic spending plan
  • Make a plan to pay down your debt
  • Build a savings habit
  • Get a free copy of your credit report and FICO score
  • Get access to banking products including bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, and small dollar loans

Here are your eligibility requirements:

  • Possess motivation to improve your finances
  • Be available for a required phone interview, financial education workshops and one to one coaching sessions
  • Be employed, at least part-time
  • Have an income below $35,000 for individuals and $60,000 for families

Members who achieve their financial goals will have a chance to win cash prizes up to $750.00.

By applying to Project Money, you are making a personal commitment to TAKE CONTROL of your finances and ACHIEVE your financial goals. Congratulations!

If you’d like more information or you have questions, please contact us at moneycoach@economicprogress.org.