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The ACA Exemptions Related to Income Tool can be accessed here
The taxpayer's income exceeds the filing threshold. Need to check if there is any employer offer of insurance
Adam's employer offer of self-only insurance is considered affordable for him. Need to check if insurance available to April through is considered affordable (Bryan already has insurance through CHIP).

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Adam's coverage offer would have been affordable, therefore, no exemption for him. April's coverage is unaffordable, so she gets an exemption for the whole year. Brian has no need for an exemption. There will be a shared responsibility payment penalty for Adam, but no penalty for April or Brian. Complete Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions. Enter April’s name and SSN, code A, and check the box for full year.

Healthcare.Gov Affordability Exemption
The Healthcare.Gov Affordability Exemption website can be accessed here

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