Become a Project
Money member

Project Money is a no-cost financial coaching empowerment program open to residents of the greater Chicago region. The program, which spans three months, encourages its members to develop a positive and healthy relationship with their money. Members enjoy personalized sessions with a trained financial coach, financial education workshops, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

“Before I joined Project Money I ignored my debt, bills and even my personal goals because of the pressure and my lack of money management skills. Now I face them with great understanding confidence and optimism.”

- Jayson Lawrence, 2017 Project Money member

What to expect from financial coaching

Benefits of Project Money

  1. Set and achieve your financial goals
  2. Create a realistic spending plan
  3. Make a plan to pay down your debt
  4. Build a savings habit
  5. Get a free credit check and access to your FICO score
  6. Get access to safe and affordable products to help you achieve your goals

To be eligible, participants must

Applications for the 2019 Program Now Open!

You can now apply to participate in Project Money in 2019 by completing an online application. You will be contacted by a Ladder Up staff member if you qualify.

By applying to Project Money, you are making a personal commitment to TAKE CONTROL of your finances and ACHIEVE your financial goals.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at