Our financial
health services

At the Center for Economic Progress, we believe your financial health should be at the top of your priority list.

Financial health is a term used to describe a current snapshot of your financial situation. If your snapshot is in poor health, let CEP’s services guide you to better financial health.

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching helps clients achieve self-determined goals. In addition, coaches work with clients on changing financial behaviors and facilitating decision-making. Financial coaches can help you set financial goals and take steps towards those goals by providing mechanisms for accountability to ensure that you follow through on key action steps.

By joining CEP’s financial coaching program, Project Money, you will learn how to change your money management skills. Join a community of individuals who are setting and achieving financial goals alongside you.

Savings Campaign

Saving money can be hard, but it’s one of the most important financial habits to learn. That’s why CEP is on a mission to help raise awareness and get people on the path towards saving! Through our “Life Happens, Save for It!” campaign, CEP offers the help of Savings Coaches at select tax sites who can teach you about different savings vehicles that may be beneficial to you. When you save part or all of your refund at one of our our tax sites, you also enter a drawing to win a weekly prize!

Credit Building

Recognizing that tax issues do not end at the tax filing deadline, CEP offers year-round tax preparation and credit-building services during monthly events called Money Action Days. Credit Geeks are present at these events to offer our credit building sessions. They can pull your credit report and give you important credit tips to help boost your score. .