File taxes

File your taxes from the comfort of your own home!

CEP has partnered with the IRS and Intuit's TurboTax to offer a free online option for filing your tax return.

Do I qualify?

You qualify to use this online service if you either:

If you have a complicated family situation, are self-employed, are unsure of what a particular tax form is, or have unusual tax situations such as sale of stock or cancellation of debt, we encourage you to seek in-person assistance at one of our tax sites. If it's after the April filing deadline, you can visit us at our Money Action Day events.

Get Ready

Before moving forward, make sure you have all of your documents ready:

  1. Income-related documents  W-2s from all of your jobs, 1099Rs from retirement plan distributions, 1099Gs for unemployment income or gambling winnings, 1099-INTs and/or interest income received, 1099-DIVs for dividend income received, 1098s showing payments made for college or student loan or mortgage interest paid, documents related to any property tax paid for the year, a 1095-A if you purchased health insurance from the marketplace, and any other income information you may have;
  2. Account information for direct deposit  routing and account numbers;
  3. Last year’s tax return, if you have it;
  4. Names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers or ITINs, and relationships for anyone you plan to claim on your tax return;
  5. Childcare expense information  provider name and identifying number, address, and amounts paid;
  6. College expense information  tuition, fees, and possibly books;
  7. Educator expense information  amounts paid out of pocket for teaching grades; and,
  8. Retirement / IRA contribution information.

Ready to start? Click here and fill out this form to get your copy of TurboTax.