CEP Associate

Serving on our Associate Board is an excellent opportunity for young professionals who are looking to give back to their community. Associate Board members expand the fundraising and outreach capacity of the Center for Economic Progress by serving as ambassadors for the organization within their networks and collaborating with staff on fundraising and outreach projects.

Read the information below and view our list of current Associate Board members to learn more.


How do I join the Associate Board?

The CEP Associate Board accepts new members each July. While the application to join in July 2018 has closed, we will begin accepting applications again in 2019. If you are interested in applying at that time, please add your name to the Associate Board mailing list. We will keep you up to date on CEP events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year and notify you when the application opens next year. If you have any questions, please contact our Development Coordinator, Anna Connelly, at aconnelly@economicprogress.org.

What are the benefits of joining the Associate Board?

CEP envisions an America of shared prosperity, where all working families can access the financial opportunities they need to succeed. By joining the Associate Board, you will:

Do I have to attend any meetings?

Yes. You must attend a minimum of four of the Board's six annual meetings.

What are the membership requirements?

We are searching for active and engaged Associate Board members. To maintain membership status, we ask that you:

As an Associate Board member, do I need to donate any money?

We ask for a give-get cash or in-kind contribution of $100. Members may make personal contributions, secure sponsorships, solicit donations, or secure in-kind donations to meet this requirement. Many members go beyond this contribution, but it is not required.

In addition to the required activities for membership status above, members complete three additional activities based on their skill set and interests. Examples of such activities include: