H&R Block's Uber Reporting Guide

H&R Block's Uber Reporting Guide

Schedule C - Reporting Business Income by the Self-Employed

Use this as a quick reference when filing a Schedule C for a self-employed taxpayer.

Schedule C - Reporting Business Income by the Self-Employed

Or download and print the pdf: Schedule C - Reporting

Tax Prep Dispatch: Don’t Fear Schedule C's

As you know from your online training, self-employment income is reported on a form Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ.

The Don't Fear Schedule C's Tax Prep Dispatch gives a quick overview Schedule C's, including: VITA scope, types of income and expenses, self-employment tax, estimated tax payments, record keeping, and other tips.

Read the Don't Fear Schedule C's Tax Prep Dispatch.

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Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID) Correct Calculation

In some cases, TaxWise is not computing the QBID correctly. The preparer will have to do a manual calculation and, in some cases, override the QBID. This applies only to tax returns with self-employment income, Schedule C-EZ or Schedule C, and does not affect state returns.

Click here for instructions on how to correctly compute the deduction.