CEP Tax Prep Rundown 3/30/2018

Tax Site and Best Practice Shout Out!

This week’s shout out goes to CEP staff for hosting and executing a successful tax event on Thursday, March 29th at CEP's headquarters! Thank you to Victoria, too, for showing up and being awesome! We had several volunteers from many of your sites prepare and review. It was a great group! 38 returns were completed and $62,000 in refunds were funded. Many of the clients we served were referred from our partner, National Able, who provides workforce development services.

Outcomes and impact (including our savings campaign winners!)

We’re winding down and I expect our April rush will begin shortly! Last week was a bit of a March lull; we were down by 11% over last year’s same week, leaving us still down by 12%, overall. Our projections remain, however, at 8% - 10% down over last year and I’m hopeful we’ll land in the single digits. Keep up the great work!

We’re doing awesome on the savings front! 760 or 8% of all our clients have saved all or part of their refund. In total, they’ve saved $1.25 million! Over last year, we’re up by 11% and most sites have had the same number of savers from last year or more! Lawndale, Loop, Uptown, and Southland -- you’re so close! Keep up the good work and let’s finish with all our sites getting at least 100% over last year!

This week’s winning saver is Brenda C. from Elgin who saved $4,604! Congrats, Brenda!

IRS Alert: QSR # 2 Intake/Interview & Quality Review Process

The IRS published an important alert that will also be posted at your site. Please read the full alert. In summary: Form 13614-C, Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet, is required for every tax return prepared. Certified volunteer preparers are required to complete the entire Intake/Interview Process when preparing tax returns. To promote accuracy, this process must include an interview with the taxpayer while reviewing Form 13614-C and all supporting documents. Please also check out Barbara’s taxprep dispatch on the matter.

2019 ITIN Renewal Schedule

Expiring at the end of 2018, two categories:

VITA funding was maintained -- now let’s double it!

VITA was funded at $15 million in the FY18 omnibus bill that was signed last week. This is a huge testament to the field’s advocacy efforts over the last several months. Prosperity Now and the Taxpayer Opportunity Network is now shifting their attention to the FY19 budget, and a push to get VITA funding increased to $30 million. Reference Prosperity Now’s blog post

Our national savings partner in the news!

Our national partner, SaveYourRefund, was mentioned in the news -- Click on the following link to read the New York Times article: How Saving Some of Your Tax Refund Could Win You a Cash Prize.

Quality Results through March 28 to help identify any potential issues at your sites

The IRS SPEC office has completed another review of the quality of VITA and TCE sites.

Please review the summary of the results and consider how these might relate to your sites. Here are the official numbers from the report and the incorrect return review findings.

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