Outcomes and Impact (Including Savings Campaign Winners!)

As of last Saturday, 3/3/2018, our CEP tax sites were down by 16% over last year. While this is so far sad news, it’s important always to understand the context in which we’re working. So, a few data points to clarify: the IRS overall is still down by close to 1%, which means people are still waiting to file—hopefully this means taxpayers will be flooding our sites in the coming weeks! VITA overall is still down by 6% while AARP is actually up by 5%. There might be lots of reasons why this discrepancy exists, but my hunch is that there’s a bit of leveling off happening since AARP lost some ground last year. What’s important to note is that VITA is still down by a significant amount and it’s not clear why. Ladder up in metro-Chicago is down by 3.5% so we’re not beating them yet, but I still have my hopes! :) As we slide into the latter half of the season, I’d love your insights as to what may be different this year from last.

In much better news, Bianca P. from Evanston gifted a $100 savings bond to her daughter and won one of the SaveYourRefund weekly $100 prizes!

Additionally, Sevenia S. from Auburn Gresham won $100 for saving all of her $1,044 refund!

One of our previous winners let us know what she was saving for: I had a huge loan for a vehicle. Today I paid it off early and saved a little over a thousand dollars on my balance. The rest of my savings is for unexpected expenses and my children's needs as well as for Christmas.

Authored by Satori Bailey, Director of Asset Building Programs at CEP

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