Outcomes and Impact March 11th

As of last Saturday, March 11, we are down by 15% over last year and down by 17% over our goal. Congratulations, West Chicago, Brighton Park, Aurora, Southland, and Evanston for being close to meeting your goal this year! I know we’re all trying our best and I’m confident that wherever we land this year, it will have come from our blood, sweat, and tears. Thank you, all, for working as hard as you are this year, especially those working at now two or three tax sites! Your support is inspiring.

So far, our customer experience index is showing us with a net promoter score of 60 which is much higher than HR Block (14), Liberty Tax (-1), and even TurboTax (52)! We’re a little lower than we were at the same time last year, but I’m guessing we’re still waiting for surveys. Don't forget to have clients fill out our surveys.

As for savers, we’ve helped 553 tax clients save a total of close to a million dollars ($951k)!!

This week we have two new savings campaign winners!

Rosemary D. from Pilsen purchased a $50 savings bond and was selected to win a $100 from our SaveYourRefund national partners!

Yesenia R. from West Chicago saved her entire refund and won $100 for doing so! Congratulations!

First Midwest Bank mentioned that everyone who signed up for a savings account with them this year, so far 24 people (!), will have their minimum balance requirement reduced to $25! That’s great news. Again, for those who have FMB at their tax site, please remember their representatives should be promoting their Foundation accounts, which are much more affordable than their standard accounts.

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